I’ve FOUND it!


I’ve found it.  I wasn’t sure at first, but now I’m positively sure I have found the PERFECT site to SAVE all my photos for generations to come.  A few months ago I was introduced to Forever.com, a platform that let’s you save photos and documents to the cloud.  I know what you’re thinking…big deal.  That’s already out there.  Well, yes, but.

You see, I had been using Dropbox, Shutterfly, Snapfish, Walgreens, SamsClub, and my computer Cloud backups to save all my digital photos.  I would diligently upload my camera uploads to these various sites to hold my photos on their sites.  Free, until I suddenly I had used up my space.  Oh well, just a couple of bucks a month.  I can handle that.  Well, yes, but NO!

After learning about Forever.com, I have come to understand that all of my photos are NOT secure.  They are on the site until…until the company decides they are no longer viable.  You see, “they” have complete control of what happens to my photos or documents in the future.  If the company changes ownership or becomes part of merger, my photos can be sold to third parties, and/or deleted.  I have no say in what happens. You don’t believe me?  Go ahead, READ the fine print in the agreements.  It turns out that most of our photos that are put online are being data-mined to third party companies who use the information in our photos to suggestion market to us.  Facebook is doing this every day with their algorithms.  Oh, and did you know they COMPRESS your photo files into a low-res file?  This is really sad for all my beautiful photos I uploaded to these sites thinking I would be able to print at full resolution any time in the future.  Not so!

I’m not saying to stop all usage of these FREE sites, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a SECURE HOME for all your documents, photos and media?  Go visit FOREVER and look around.  Read the lifetime+100 year GUARANTEE.  I am incredibly grateful that my friend shared this wonderful site with me.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about how FOREVER is set up, it’s founder, and other features after visiting the site.

Go to https://www.forever.com/ambassador/jeanettecollins

I hope you like what you see!  I LOVE it!  Oh, and just ONE site!  I no longer have to wonder where I stored those photos from 2008.





photos, photos, everywhere…

2016-09-02 16.21.24

Hey y’all.  I’m new in this blogging world so be kind.

Today I want to talk about photo preservation.  I’m sure this is not a new topic especially with all the tons of digital photos we are all taking every day.  Last Thursday night I noticed everyone taking selfies at the NFL preseason game.  I was at the Cowboys/Texans game in Arlington.  Yeah, a Texas team won!  But you already knew that.  Ha!

Now back to my topic of photos.  I wondered what are all these thousands of people doing with these photos.  Just in the stadium, there were at least 50,000 people there taking photos with their cell phones.  Yes, I know they are sending and posting to various social sites.  But what happens later?  How long does someone wait before they delete these photos?  Or do they?

It’s kind of sad in a way that most people don’t print their photos anymore.  I would guess a small percentage bother to move them into any kind of print form– like a printed book of some sort.  Of course, there are a few people like family historians or shall I say “scrapbookers” out there that love keeping up with their ever growing photo logs.  Or perhaps you professional Photographers out there have a system to keep your influx of photos logged and organized.  But I’m not talking about those who do this for a living, just the plain ole folk out there that snaps photos everyday without much thought of what to do after they’ve sent them out into our cyber world.

So if you have never given this a thought, please, let’s discuss this topic of photos, photos everywhere.  I’m curious what you plan to do with your ever growing photo log.

I hope you will leave me your thoughts here.

Oh, a note on the football game…it was just a preseason opener.  I wore my one and only Cowboys shirt, but could have rooted for the Texans.  Texans won.

Have a wonderful labor day weekend, y’all.

Jeanette Collins




photos, photos everywhere…

Hey everyone.  So glad you stopped by to take a look.  I am a scrapbooker and have many friends in the scrapbooking world.  Most of us have 100’s maybe thousands of printed photos that we are still archiving and doing our best to tell the important stories of our pasts.  In the meantime, with everyone able to snap a photo every minute of day we are suddenly drowning in digital photos that we’ve tried to make sense of on our current devices.  Back in the old days we took a photo on film, had it developed and had a set amount of photos to hold our precious memories. Then generation by generation we passed the albums or boxes of old photos for someone else to manage.  Sound familiar?

Well, today it’s so different.  We have thousands of photos on so many devices it’s hard to know where to begin IF you wanted to save them for posterity. How are we deciding which photos to save and which to toss? Does anyone ever hit their delete button much?  Where are those vacation photos from 2012 anyhow?  Are they on an old laptop or external hard drive or maybe a flash-drive?  Possibly those photos are on a Cd or DVD?  What about all those old family movies we took with our gigantic VHS video recorders?  And the 35mm video tapes stored in the corner of your closet?  Oh!  And don’t forget the slides grandpa use to show every Thanksgiving of his hunting trips!  Where are they and HOW do we pass these down? It’s a messy photo world out there.

So do you have a plan for all your photos and media?  Seriously now.  I would love to hear where you have most of your family media.  Let’s start a conversation.  Keep it clean, please.  I’m a retired school teacher–wink, wink.