March Paper Pumpkin

It’s almost time for another Paper Pumpkin kit.  I can hardly wait to see what is coming next!  But as promised here are my creations from the March Paper Pumpkin kit.

The first two cards I used the instructions from the kit.  I followed the instructions exactly since this was my very first kit to assemble.


Below are my alternative designs using the kit supplies.  I had fun making use of the envelope scalloped flaps.  The envelopes are beautiful, but I knew I wouldn’t use them, so I cut them apart and waited for some inspiration to come.  It’s funny how I need to touch the pieces many times before an actual idea comes to mind.

I had fun with this kit and now ready to get the next one.   Order your kit HERE  

There’s a great promotion to get your first 2 kits for 50% off!  Hurry!  Offer good ’til May 10th.03.11.18_SHAREABLE2_50OFF_PP

Hey Pumpkin! Let’s Get Started!


I got my FIRST Paper Pumpkin Subscription today!!!!!!  Want to learn to paper-craft but don’t know where to start?   Paper Pumpkin is Stampin’ Up!’s all-inclusive paper crafting subscription program.

Now’s the perfect time to get this fantastic program because right now it is 50% off your first two months for new subscribers!


Yes, that’s right, and what a great way to give a try to see if it’s your thing.  To me, it’s a no brainer!

It comes with everything you need plus easy-to-follow instructions. You can order here

I show my unboxing of my FIRST kit on my YouTube channel here. Hey, no judging.  If you would have seen how I had to balance my phone to record it you’d think I was a genius!  NOT!  LOL.

Come on, friends!  I’ll be crafting right along with you!  Let’s do this!

Springtime brings a New LOVE!

springI have a new LOVE.  Yes, a new LOVE for card making.  I’ve been scrapbooking for the past five years working with the physical products and doing a little digital scrapbooking, too.  I have a FAVORITE online group, that inspired me to tell stories through scrapbooking.  ScrapHappy is a group of ladies who share the passion of this art and storytelling.  It’s more than just putting photos on a page with a few stickers.  It’s creativity with depth.  Yes, I love it.  As a member of ScrapHappy, I volunteered to post the group’s birthday announcements on the group’s Facebook page.  It makes sense to add more than just WORDS when you’re a “crafter”, so, to show off the group’s talents we ask members to share birthday cards they have made.  I use these created cards to help celebrate the group members’ birthdays.  I’ve overseen this task for over a year now, and there have been times when we ran low on cards to share.  To fill in the gaps, I began making cards myself.  I love the small canvas; 4.5”x5.5” is the standard A2 size.  The more cards I made, the more I enjoyed making them.  It was fast and easy, plus I didn’t have to add a story to my creative layout. Then I found Jennifer McGuire, Laura Bassen, and Kristina Werner on YouTube.  Oh, MY, GOODNESS!!!  That led me into a whole new world of card making in which I consider these ladies to be ‘holy grail’ of card makers.  After a year of practicing card making, I was approached by my friend Kristina Rees about becoming a demonstrator for ©Stampin’ UP!   ©Stampin’ UP! as I learned has been an international leader in card making for over 30 years.  Who knew?  I did my research and decided to take the plunge into the world of ©Stampin’ UP! and launched my own home based business.  This is SO fun!  Did I tell you I’m a former school teacher?  Well, I am, and this teaching is so much more fun than teaching math!  Ha! I love the creative side, plus this gives me an outlet to get to know more ladies.  As a retired school teacher, I couldn’t think of anything that gives me more pleasure…a reason to get together with like-minded women and create something to give away! It’s a perfect fit for me.

Now that Spring is in the air, I’ve decided to have an Open House in my neighborhood.  We’ve only been in the neighborhood for a year, so I want to know more of my neighbors anyhow.  I put out a FB invite on our local neighborhood site inviting ladies, their kids and/or teens to come make a card FREE of charge with NO sales pitch.  Truly, I want to meet more ladies.  You can never have enough friends, right?!  Anyhow, it is scheduled for Wednesday, March 21st from 10am-6pm.  I’m very excited and look forward to the creating and planning of such an event.  Wish me luck!

If you would like to take a peek at the ©Stampin’ UP! catalog and possibly place an order, go here: shop Use WORKSHOP code:   28822541  (good thru March 31st) when placing your order.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.  I hope to be sharing my card making adventures with you along the way.

Jeanette Collins

Cloud Storage BEST EVER!

Holy Toledo!  OK, don’t mind me, I’ve been away for a good bit because I had some surgery.  Now I’m feeling better and ready to share my passion.  If you follow me, you know I have many passions so this time I want to talk CLOUD storage.

Why is this a passion for me?  Because I’m a memory keeper/ scrapbooking enthusiast and love photos.  I’m also learning more and more about genealogy.

In the world of CLOUD storage, not all are the same.  It’s quite a convenience to upload blindly into these clouds until you read their TERMS of SERVICE.  Yikes!  Did you know some companies will own your content?  Yes, you heard me right.  Is that really where you want to have your most precious memoires and generational photos?  Not me!

I want them in a SAFE place.  Most people think the safest place is to upload photos to a web-based company and have a backup on external hard drives.  At least that’s how I USE to handle all my media. Trained professionals will tell you to have your photos and media backed up in 3 different locations, preferably one be off-site, like a friend or family in another place.  Yeah, I get it.  But do you know how hard that is to do?  It is OVERWHELMING!  And then if you’re anything like me, every time I’m looking for a photo I have so many places to look.  I know, I know….workflow.  Get a plan and stick to it. Well, easier said than done.  And that’s just the problem with it all.  It’s NOT easy or we wouldn’t be ignoring the problem in the first place. solves this issue for me. is a permanent CLOUD storage where all your media is in ONE place with no need to worry about hard drives, flash drives, cd’s and extra back ups.  Oh thank you FOREVER for making things simpler.

We all need life to be simpler.  We want to know all are most precious documents and photos are SAFE and not being shared with a third party or being hacked into by creeps out there.

Go sign up for a FREE account at and learn how easy this system of collecting, curating and sharing of your photos can be with peace of mind.  It’s like buying insurance for your photos.  Stop paying rent to drop box, google and many other clouds out there.  Read the terms of agreement.  You will be shocked how they cannot protect your photos.

I’d love for you to see my one YouTube video.  Ha!  I tried!

Pretty Paper and a Sketch

I love working with photos in my Forever storage account.  It makes my scrapbooking so easy!  I recently joined a scrapbooking kit club where once a month a box of goodies comes straight to my home.  Here are my goodies from HipKitClubJune kit  After looking through all the pretty papers my next step is to find a photo or two or three to work with for my scrapbook page.  I opened my Library in Forever and chose a recent photo of my husband and me at a baseball game in May.  Since I’ve become a member of Forever I have slowly been gathering all our photos and uploading them to my private Forever account.  If you would like to peruse Forever, go here: Forever 

The early years of our marriage I’m in very few of the photos unless it was a very special event.  I was behind the camera in the early years.  Can you relate?!  Now with the iPhone’s we take selfies so I’m getting more of the two of us together.  Technology is awesome!

I chose my photo, downloaded it, then printed it on my home printer.  The next step was to find inspiration.  I saw the most recent scrapbook pages on Instagram from  Stuck?!Sketches I wanted to give it a whirl.  I went to work on the sketch design by Laura Whitaker17498821_10154297868476039_3277204505362502742_n

As I continued to work I felt happier and happier.  It was coming together like a dream.  The papers from HipKitClub and the sketch from Stuck?!Sketches helped me produce this page. File Jun 18, 3 02 34 PM I’m very pleased with it.  Let me know what you think of it.

Thanks for looking.


Treasures Found!

A few months after moving to Oklahoma, I found a few treasures I didn’t even realize I had.  Namely the little Kodachrome Movie Film reel dated 1963File Jun 16, 3 11 42 PM and about 25 slides tucked inside a small slide box.  File Jun 16, 3 12 01 PMOf course, I took out each of the slides and squinted into a lamplight to see the small images.  The tiny slide box was labeled “Six Flags” with most of the slides dated 1974. The small movie reel box was dated 1963 in my dad’s handwriting and labeled “Airport film & Jeanette & Judy Twist.”  I was so excited to find these old treasures.  I remember years and years ago, my parent’s showing slide shows and playing reel tapes for extended family and guests.  It was a BIG deal getting all the massive equipment set up.  I remember my dad had a large metal polled pull-down tripod white screen he set up in our family room giving us a ‘true movie experience’ in compared to our 1960’s TV which was a piece of furniture in the room.  These two tiny boxes held lots of memories for me.  I was so excited to see the contents after so many years.  I knew I wanted to send them off for media transfer with  I went straight to the computer and ordered the small media transfer box that very minute.  The other item I found was my wedding VHS tape I knew I had but hadn’t watched since we married 27 years ago.  I couldn’t wait for my media box to come in the mail so I could finally view these old treasures on my computer.

Within a few days the box arrived with specific labels, bags and instructions on how to add my media to the transfer box.  Easy Peasy!  I tagged the 2 tiny items with the labels provided by the company and slipped them into the plastic baggie they provided.  I used the provided label to add to my VHS tape and placed it in its separate baggie.  I used all the packing material they provided and double checked the return label already addressed with its bar code.  Forever provides three-way shipping in the price of the media box so all I had to do was drop the box off at my local USPS.  Forever has made this process very streamlined and easy for the customer.File Jun 16, 3 13 23 PM

A few days later I received an email from the media service team at Forever.  They let me know the package was received and being processed.  The next email I received from them was that they had completed the media transfer and my original items were being sent back to me.  They provided the USPS tracking code, too.  What wonderful customer service!  If the media conversion staff have any questions about the customer’s products they will email the customer prior to dealing with the product.  Same goes, too, in the case that too many items were placed in the box provided. The media conversion team will contact the customer BEFORE handling the products asking if they should proceed especially if there is an added charge.  This is great because you will never be surprised at a charge you didn’t expect.  This is outstanding customer relations and service by the media conversion team.File Jun 16, 3 54 58 PM

Finally, my box has been returned.  I signed onto my Forever private account to view the slides they had already uploaded directly to my site.  Did you hear that?  Yes, they upload photos directly to your private account!!!!!  That is just SO COOL.  File Jun 16, 4 06 02 PMSeeing those photos come to life on today’s technology is fantastic.  The movie reel and VHS tape were transferred onto a flash drive stick.  I could view the movies for the first time in 25-40 years.  Forever is a progressive company and within another year or so they will have the capability to upload all media, even movies, directly to your private Forever account.  I can hardly wait!  As a matter of fact, the company guarantees that all media in your private account will be migrated to the newest technology for your lifetime, plus 100 years.  I know there are NO OTHER media conversion companies can claim this in our world today.

If you are a bit curious and have tons of old media you want to protect and store for future generations, please go to to order your media conversion box today!

Please contact me with any questions you may have about this service.


Stuck?!Sketches???, why YES!

It’s Mother’s Day and I’m feeling the love of being a mom to one very special young man.  My son, John, is a sophomore baseball athlete at Clarke University in Iowa.  It’s also his BIRTHDAY today, so I’m feeling a double whammy of missing him!  Today he and his team traveled to Hutchinson, Kansas for the NAIA National Championship.  We will drive up tomorrow for the first game.  But today, I wanted to make a scrapbook page about the sweetheart I’m missing and knew exactly what I wanted to do!

I’ve been seeing something on Instagram called the “Stuck?!Sketches Challenge” where a black & white designed sketch is posted early in the month.  As the month has gone on I keep seeing different scrapbook pages being posted on Instagram using this designed sketch.  They are wonderful.  They are fun!  They are different, but have the same laid out design of the sketch.  I wanted to give it a try!  Here’s the May sketch.StuckSketches_05May012017_due0425-500x500 (1)

I had the perfect photo of my son I wanted to scrapbook.  Last week he played in the Heart of America Conference Finals.  He’s a 3rd baseman and is smooth as they come.  I got this great shot with my Nikon© D90 camera of him stopping the ball and firing it to 1st base.  The photo shows how comfortable he is at his position.  A big wad of bubble gum and a big bubble hangs out of his mouth as he makes the play.  Wow!  His coaches noticed, too.  It was a fun game and ended in a W.

So, here’s my take on the May sketch above.

File May 14, 7 12 09 PM

I hope you will look at Stuck?!Sketches if you scrapbook and feeling stuck or just looking for some inspiration.  Here’s the link where you can find them.

And here, too~

Happy Mother’s Day to all the memory-keeping moms out there!