Stuck?!Sketches???, why YES!

It’s Mother’s Day and I’m feeling the love of being a mom to one very special young man.  My son, John, is a sophomore baseball athlete at Clarke University in Iowa.  It’s also his BIRTHDAY today, so I’m feeling a double whammy of missing him!  Today he and his team traveled to Hutchinson, Kansas for the NAIA National Championship.  We will drive up tomorrow for the first game.  But today, I wanted to make a scrapbook page about the sweetheart I’m missing and knew exactly what I wanted to do!

I’ve been seeing something on Instagram called the “Stuck?!Sketches Challenge” where a black & white designed sketch is posted early in the month.  As the month has gone on I keep seeing different scrapbook pages being posted on Instagram using this designed sketch.  They are wonderful.  They are fun!  They are different, but have the same laid out design of the sketch.  I wanted to give it a try!  Here’s the May sketch.StuckSketches_05May012017_due0425-500x500 (1)

I had the perfect photo of my son I wanted to scrapbook.  Last week he played in the Heart of America Conference Finals.  He’s a 3rd baseman and is smooth as they come.  I got this great shot with my Nikon© D90 camera of him stopping the ball and firing it to 1st base.  The photo shows how comfortable he is at his position.  A big wad of bubble gum and a big bubble hangs out of his mouth as he makes the play.  Wow!  His coaches noticed, too.  It was a fun game and ended in a W.

So, here’s my take on the May sketch above.

File May 14, 7 12 09 PM

I hope you will look at Stuck?!Sketches if you scrapbook and feeling stuck or just looking for some inspiration.  Here’s the link where you can find them.

And here, too~

Happy Mother’s Day to all the memory-keeping moms out there!



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