Safe and Sound

Today I spent a good part of the day scanning in photos that were in photo frames.  My husband and I moved to Oklahoma a couple months ago so there are still many items to deal with like old photos.  Some of these photos are very old, like this one of my dad.web

It was in a huge 14 x 18 frame.  The photo itself was HUGE too, because it was one that hung in his office.  My dad has long passed away and I inherited this photo, frame and all.


I cut the photo down using my Fiskars© trimmer and then plopped it onto my printer/scanner.  I’m thrilled to have this photo in digital form now and saved into my Forever account.

As matter of fact, as soon as I finished with all the photos I had removed from the frames and scanned, I moved them directly into my Forever account so that my family and friends could access them. frames-web

This is a screenshot of my Forever Account.  I have thousands of photos saved in full-resolution and organized into albums.File-May-13,-7-28-15-PMweb

It makes me feel so good that these photos are preserved for my son and future grandchildren.  As a matter of fact, my account is not going to end after I’m gone.  It is guaranteed to live on for 100+ years.  No other cloud service can say that because they do not have an endowment type fund to support it.  I’m so happy I found Forever.  Please look at the Forever site and join me in keeping your precious photos and other media safe for generations.  You can set up an account for FREE!

Best to you!



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