Photos in albums are good.  Photos with stories attached are priceless.

Whether you’re a traditional scrapbooker using tape-runners, glue, and lots of embellishments or if you’re a digital scrapbooker, you will want to get in on the FUN!  LOAD517 will be starting May 1st and it’s open to anyone who loves a challenge.

I belong to a wonderful online community of likeminded scrap bookers who are keepers of memories.  This community can be found here at www.scraphappy.org

Three times a year we have a month-long challenge of scrapbooking a “lay-out a day,” hence the acronym LOAD.  Our fearless leader, Alice Boll of www.scrapbookwonderland.com has put together another brilliant theme to help us all go deeper into our photos to find stories we can’t wait to share. We will take the ‘Legends of Hollywood’ Movie theme to dig deep into our own stories.LOAD517-promo-image-crop  Curious?  All I can say is every LOAD I’ve participated in has produced some of my best stories ever.

Please go here! http://ScrapHappy.org/load517 if you are curious in the least.  Use coupon code “ACTION15” to save $15 before Saturday, April 22. The layout a day challenge starts May 1

I’ll be sharing some of my stories and page creations here too.  Hope to see you on the Flickr message boards!

Jeanette Collins


Hello from OKLAHOMA!

Hey friends.  I’m finally ready to do this blog thing again.  It’s been way too long since my last post.  Oh yeah.  This happened!

We’ve MOVED!  This was so unexpected but a few weeks before Christmas my husband was told we were going to be moved from Texas to Oklahoma.  I wasn’t sure about what it would bring but now that we are here I couldn’t be happier.  Of course, it was hard leaving neighbors of 9 years in Texas.  Relationships make this world go ‘round you know!

BIG BLUE “MOBY” was filled to the brim!  Our mover said we had a full load—not a foot left for one extra thing.  As matter of fact, my hubby had to rent a pull behind U-Haul for the last-minute things that couldn’t go on the truck.  It took the packers 2 ½ days to pack us, 2 days to load the truck, 1 day to travel, and 2 days to unload.

File Apr 06, 3 25 47 PM


Tomorrow it will be 3 weeks since we’ve landed in our new home.  Not all the boxes are unpacked, but we’ve made great progress.  Oklahoma has been great so far.  We live in the suburbs of Tulsa, so we are out of the fast-paced lifestyle.  Since my hubby and I are both mid-50’s, we are happy for this change.

I’m looking forward to getting to know the neighbors and ready to tell them about FOREVER.  Right now, you can get 20% off STORAGE by using the promo-code: IMREADY.  Go here to look into getting your FOREVER STORAGE now!  www.forever.com/ambassador/jeanettecollins

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Happy spring everyone!

Jeanette Collins